The Scholars' Home co-educational English medium public school was founded in the year 2004 .


Affiliated to CBSE

[Affiliation No. 630111]



The school celebrates all the national festivals and promotes national unity. Celebrations at The Scholars’ Home have become an Integral Part of joyful learning, community building and thought provoking processes. Religious festivals from across religions, national festivals and festivals related to our environment are celebrated with great enthusiasm, fervour and pride. Children are exposed to the essence of festivals through stories, music, dance, food, discussions and a variety of hands on activities and projects.

In our multicultural society we need to instill and enforce the universal values of brotherhood, tolerance, peace, patriotism and solidarity in our children. A celebration is an effort to sensitize students towards living in harmony in a diverse society like ours. They are taught to learn using their thinking ability and skills to work for a safe and better world and to live in harmony with their fellow beings.

Sukhmani Sahib Paath And Chabeel(2017)

To celebrate, thank and express our gratitude for excellent results of Classes X & XII  the whole school rejoiced by setting up a Chabeel and helping out in offering the cool drink to all and sundry .The morning was devoted to the Sukhmani Sahib Paath on the premises. The atmosphere was electric, with the soul stirring Shabad reverberating in the school and our senior students sweating in out to set up the Chhabeel.


If we add a huge dollop of fun into our learning it makes any day Funday.

An entire day was devoted to this concept to have their fair share of fun , to forge new bonds and strengthen the ties with their teachers. This day gives the teachers an opportunity to observe their students in a different environment to help them learn and unlearn through fun and games and the kids too got a chance to see a different aspect of the teachers. It was a sight to see all of them holding hands, playing games, cheering and singing together.

All this shouting , playing, singing, dancing, kept up the energy levels throughout the day. The kids and teachers went back home tired but happy, with pocketful of memories and good cheer.

Republic Day Celebration

The 68th republic Day Celebrated with great fervor and patriotism at The Scholars’ Home. The programme commenced with the flag unfurling ceremony by the honourable  Chief Guest Sh. M.L. Garg  ji and to the mark the importance of day, following a spectacular presentation by the students of classes IV to VIII presenting patriotic songs and dances which spell bound the audience with their performances and also energised them with patriotic zeal.

FIESTA (a spectacular display of talent & skill sets)

Fiesta is an attempt which brings all the corners of education together to showcase research and innovative activities through a festival which has knowledge –sharing exhibitions and demonstrations along with projects and role play.

It was organized on November 20, 2016 in the school premises with an objective to create awareness among the young minds towards their duties and responsibilities in areas of academics as well as day- to day life. The mission is to nurture the students in a culturally sound environment and provide opportunities that will help them to realize their true potential.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali the festival of lights was celebrated  in The Scholars’ Home with full gusto and enthusiasm  with the enactment of Nukkad Natak based on Eco Friendly Diwali on October 28, 2016 by the students of Class VIII in the school premises.


Panoramic Spectacle of Ramayana

A colourful panoramic spectacle of Ramayana was presented by the students of Class II through skit on October 14, 2016 in the school premises, which mesmerised the audience.

70th Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day was celebrated in the school premises to mark the 70th year of freedom from the British rule by the school. The programme started with flag hoisting by our honorable Vice Principal Mrs. Mamta Saini. The students took pledge, sang and danced on patriotic songs. The participants spell bound the audience with their performance and also energized them with patriotic fervor.

Fun Day Celebrations

Fun Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm, fun & frolic by the students of classes v to VIII on June 21, 2016. Various activities like  Pooja Thali Decoration Competition, Mehandi Competition, Best out of Waste Competition , Salad Decoration Competion, Solo Singing Competition, Group Dance Competition etc. & the position holders  were awarded with appreciation certificates.

Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring father and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. The Scholars’ Home celebrated Father’s Day on June 18, 2016 while organizing different activities like Elocution, Collage Making, Declamation etc. for the classes VI to X & all  the students participated with full zeal and fervor. Winners of the different activities were awarded with the certificates by the Principal Mrs. Anju  Arora.

Sukhmani Sahib Path with Chabeel

The Scholars’ Home organised Sukhmani Sahib Path with Chabeel on June 3, 2016 after getting meritorious CBSE result of classes X & XII, where the students of X and XII along with their parents were invited to pay their obeisance in the school permises.


The Scholars’ Home organized FRUIT MELA for the tiny tots of classes Pre- Nursery to K.G. on June 3, 2016 in the school premises, with an objective to make them recognise and educate about the importance and consumption of fruit in their regular diet. All the tiny tots had a lot of fun as variety of activities were prepared by them like skit, poetry recitation, story- telling and cat walk.

World No Tobacco Day

The Scholars’ Home observed ‘World No Tobacco Day’ with much enthusiasm and fervour on May 30, 2016 on Monday. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class XI wherein the students performed mime show highlighting the gruesome facts such as tobacco causes 5 Lakhs cases of cancer every year. Besides, the school has organized Inter-School Poster Making Competition for the classes VI-VIII, Inter-section Slogan Writing for VII & Essay Writing for XI-X. All the students tried their best to convey the message on the topic, “ Say No To Tobacco”.

Vegetable Mela (Pre- Nursery to K.G.)

Vegetable Mela was organised for the tiny tots of Pre- Nursery to K.G. on May 7, 2016 in the school premises with an objective to make them aware about different vegetables with the significance in day -today life.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Students from classes Pre- Nursery to XII showed their love and gratitude towards their mothers through presenting various songs, dances, self composed poems and skit. Students admired their mothers for the strength and determination that inspires them to become a responsible citizen.

Session 2016-17

Annual Day Celebrations (2015-16)

VI – XII (22.11.2015)

Annual Day Celebrations (2015-16)

Pre- Nursery – V (21.11.2015)

Pink Day Celebration (2015-16)

Shri Krishna Janamashtami (2015-16)

Shri Krishna Janamashtami was celebrated with great interest of enthusiasm in The Scholar’s Home on September 3, 2015. Wherein many dance
performances were given by students of classes Pre-nursery, Nursery, K.G and a special dance performance was given by the students of Class- III. This showed the efforts of the teachers who worked really hard to prepare the students.
Students were beautifully dressed up in Shri Krishna and Radhe’s attire.This was an effort to enhance their confidence at this tender age which will help them to grow in future.

All in all it was a small effort to convey everyone the message of Love and Peace spread by Lord Krishna using melodious music from his flute.

Independence Day Celebrations(Senior Section)

The Scholars’ Home Family celebrated 69th Independence Day on August 15, 2015 with great enthusiasm. Many programmes were organized to commemorate the day. First of all, Flag hoisting was done which again was a perfect example set by the honourable Principal Mam Mrs. Anju Arora , who despite of hoisting the flag herself , gave this esteemed opportunity to Mrs. Jasbir who is working as a helper with the school. This conveyed a loud and clear message to all that real freedom is promoting equality. There was a March past after the National Anthem which was performed by the girls of Class VIII. After this songs, dances and speeches were performed by different students of different classes. This was a great motivation to all the teachers, staff and students to work for prosperity of our nation as whole. The whole celebration ended with the speech of Principal Mam ,who applauded the efforts of all who made the event successful.

Independence Day Celebrations (Junior Section)

Republic Day Celebrations (2015-16)

The 66th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at The Scholars’ Home. The day began with the unfurling of the National Flag followed by National Anthem. The boys of classes VII & VIII marched in the parade depicting the essence and spirit of patriotism. The students saluted the National Flag and Pledged themselves to uphold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”. Then it was the time for speech by the Chief Guest who addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians. The colourful and patriotic presentation by students was real feast for our head and heart. The musical treat and varied dance performances brought forward the essence and spirit of Indianness. The entire school campus reverberated with the beautiful piece of patriotic Hindi song ( Bharat hamko jaan de pyara hai) and graceful dance performance by senior girls. The student dispersed after Ladoo distribution with the image of fluttering tricolour in their minds.

Republic Day Celebrations (Junior Wing)(2015-16)

The junior Wings of The Scholars’ Home celebrated Republic Day on Jan 24, 2015. The celebration saw dance performances of tiny tots of Nursery and Primary classes. The purpose of the celebration was to develop a patriotic feeling among the children. Then it was followed by Ladoo Distribution. Everyone enjoyed the day to the fullest.

Basant Panchami Celebrations

Basant Panchami is an occasion which marks the advent of spring season. The day was celebrated with fervour by holding a special assembly. On this auspicious occasion, Goddess Saraswati was worshipped to remove the ignorance and enlighten the path of children with wisdom. The students celebrated “Yellow Day” wherein all the teachers and the tiny tots of Pre- primary sections came dress up in yellow coloured clothes. The significance of the day was explained to the students and a number of cultural activities were organized.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the time to give and forgive!

The festival of Christmas was celebrated with gaiety by the school children and the teachers. A Christmas tree was put up in the Assembly area, beautifully decorated with ribbons and stars. The student attired as Santa Claus attracted the attention of the audience. Children were briefed about the origin of Santa Claus and importance of the Christmas Day. The little ones of kindergarten sang Christmas carol ‘ Jingle Bells’. It was followed by Christmas hymn by the students of senior classes. Later Santa distributed goodies to the children. The day ended with a warm joyful feeling.


In order to promote logical and analytical thinking among the students, our school celebrated GANIT week (Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovation and Training) as per the guidelines of CBSE.

The main objective of the event was to pay a tribute to a great and genius mathematician Sh. Srinivasa Ramanujan on his birth anniversary, who made commendable contribution in mathematics.

In connection with the GANIT week celebration at School, the following activities were organized :-

Date Activity
16.12.2014 Lecture on Maths by Eminent Scientists.
17.12.2014 Essay Writing Competition.
18.12.2014 Quiz Competition ( Junior And Senior)
19.12.2014 Experience sharing in innovation by teachers and students.
20.12.2014 Screening of films produced by Vigyan Prasar
22.12.2014 Origami, Poster Making Competition and Prize Distribution function.

Mathematics has always been a fascinating subject for our students. So all the students and teachers participated in it with great enthusiasm.

A formal culmination function was organized where the winner of various competitions were given away prizes and certificates. The Principal of the school, Mrs Anju Arora, congratulated the participants for the effort put in. She highlighted that such activities promote exceptional standards in Maths and help the children think logically and analytically, thus making the Mathematics teaching – learning process an easy task.

Guru Nanak Jayanti observed

The pristine morning of November 5, 2014 started with the celebration of Gurupurab, marking the birth anniversary of the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak Dev ji. The Special assembly was organized where the whole school chorused ‘Gurubani’ and recited shabad with devotion as a mark of respect to Guru Nanak Dev ji. The students were also told about Guru Nanak Dev ji and his teachings. The meaning of ‘Mool Mantra’ was also explained to the students. The Scholars’ also participated in ‘ Nagar Kirtan’ where the devotees carry out processions holding Nishan Sahib (the Sikh flag) and singing hymns.

Eco Friendly Diwali

A special assembly was conducted in October 20, 2014 with the theme “Eco friendly Diwali”. The significance of celebration Diwali and its importance in our culture was taught to the children. The little ones of classes Nursery and K.G. danced and enthralled everyone present. Adding to the dance and music, “Nukkar Natak” was performed by the students. Thus a valuable message on celebrating a worthy festival was imparted. Thereafter brief talks on various ways of making the Diwali celebration environmental – friendly was held. Every student and teacher promised to make this year the festival of light sage and peaceful for all citizens.

“Teachers’ Day celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm”

The Teachers’ Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at The Scholars’ Home. The day started with giving a tribute to Dr. Saravpalli Radhakrishnan. The day had an emotional and recreational touch. The students did all the preparations with complete energy and excitement. All the teachers of the school were honoured by Mrs Anju Arora, principal of the school and Mrs Gurmeet Kaur Narang, director of the school, for their commitment and dedication to the cause of education. She urged the students and teachers to lead a healthy and disciplined life and create a healthy environment.

The students gave special messages to each of the teachers which thanked the teachers for their invaluable love, support and guidance. On this occasion, students gave the greeting cards prepared by them to their teachers.

“Teacher – a source of love and inspiration
A great teacher can change your life”