The Scholars' Home co-educational English medium public school was founded in the year 2004 .


Affiliated to CBSE

[Affiliation No. 630111]


Extracurricular activities form an integral part of school curriculum. The Scholars’ Home believes in discovering the hidden talents of a child. Therefore, the stress is laid on extracurricular activities, which give expression to the child’s inborn abilities.

Inter-class and Inter-section competitions are held on a regular basis in Dramatics, Music, Elocution (English, Hindi and Punjabi), Quiz, Sports, Essay competitions, Spelling competitions and Exhibitions amongst others. The school conducts distinct events like Annual Functions, Fete, Sports Meet, Talents Show etc to discover and hone the hidden talents among students.

The school has taken a step forward in making the students aware of the environment related problems through its eco friendly activities. The school is a Polythene Free Zone and has a project for Rain Water Harvesting. This apart from being environment friendly helps to fight water crisis.

International Yoga Day 2017-18

(Practicing Yoga for a better life)
Teachers and students participated in International Yoga Day with zeal and enthusiasm  on June 21, 2017 

Science and Robotics Workshop (VI-VIII)2017-18

The wonder of Science and the fantastic world of Robots came alive for the students of Classes V –IX.
The hands on experience were certainly successful in bringing the majesty of Science closer home.

Career Awareness Program (IX-XII)2017-18

A sound advice at the right time is worth a hundred books. The career awareness programme for the students of classes (IX-XII) will stand them in good stead.

Visit to Vigyan Bhawan Science City , Prem Nagar Dehradun 2017-18


Learning Beyond Books..
Students of Class VI visited Science City in Dehradun on April 29,2017 with their teachers.

Science Seminar 2017-18


Demonstrating Innovative Ways of solving problems
Classes IX, X & XI( Science and Technology for Specially Abled  Person)

Experiential Learning 2017-18

(Identifying Rabi Crops)
 Learning beyond books..
Students of Class VIII visited crop fields to identify Rabi crops with their Social Science teachers. Students were made aware of..
  • Agricultural Process from preparing land to Harvesting.
  • Differentiate between Modern and Traditional method of farming.

The Earth Day 2017-18


Keeping the Ethos, goal and Mottos in mind The Scholars’ Home family always remain cautious to aware the student community about the responsibilities of young growing intellects towards the society, environment and moreover “The Mother Earth”. Keeping this thing in mind series of programmes were organized on “The Earth Day” i.e., April 22, 2017.The whole event was a kind of awareness for young students.
This was done by giving speeches in the Assembly after that a play was organized for the cause to “Save The Mother Earth” which had an impact on everyone’s mind, that the concept started echoing in everyone present there.
On top of all this there was a competition organized by the school which was keeping in mind that every child is special or unique therefore the event was in different categories which included Poem/ Song Composition, Slogan writing , poster making.