The Scholars' Home co-educational English medium public school was founded in the year 2004 .


Affiliated to CBSE

[Affiliation No. 630111]



The school recognizes the importance of well-rounded education; therefore, an emphasis is laid on holistic education. Students participate in various Inter- and Intra- school competitions such as Essay Writing, Poster Making, Declamation, Debates, Drama, Skits and Quizzes and so on. These competitions present wonderful opportunities to students to apply their skills and learn more. While many competitions are held at school, there are many that are held in other schools and places. There are also contests that student can enter individually or as part of a team. Many of these offer prizes and awards, as well as the chance to travel for national or international competitions.

The school has developed a framework to provide simple, inclusive and progressive schools competition opportunities. Regular competition are held in co- curricular and extra- curricular activities, the objective being, the building up of confidence, team spirit, creativity and tapping the artistic potential. Every child gets an opportunity to participate in these events. Every human being is endowed with a wide variety of talents. Competitions help us to do justice to the talents we have and perform to our potential. In order to help our students to excel in various disciplines, the school organizes various competitions so that they may excel and perform to the best of their ability.

Literary competitions range from vocabulary games, memory test etc. at the lower levels to creative writing, quiz and extempore at the higher levels. Competitions also include recitation, drawing and painting, model making, individual and group music, dance etc. Opportunities are given to students to participate in various Inter School Competitions both within the town and outside, where the school has won many medals and accolades.

Inter-House Competitions [Classes V-VIII]  24th Oct. 2019 on  Green Diwali!


-Poster making
-Pamphlet making
-Self Composed Poem/Jingle/Song
-Stamp making
-Logo making
-Slogan writing

Inter – House Declamation Competition


Class IX
Topic – Beauty Pageants Objectify Women


Class X
Topic – The Death penalty is the way to deter crime against children and women

Inter – House Debate Competition

Class – XII
Topic – Should the student’s Ids (Identity Card) come with a Tracking Device? (27 August 2019)
Class -XI
Topic – Are Celebrities Role Models?


Competitions (Classes V to VIII) 17th August 2019

• Spell Bee
• Sudoku
• Origami

Developing Confidence… to face the audience… Speech Competition..

Father’s Day…(13th June 2019)

Inter-house competitions on Anti Tobacco Day 29th May 2019

 (Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Stamp Making,Pamphlet Making, Self Compose Poem/Jingle/Song,)

Sensitizing the Young Minds
Special Assembly on Anti Tobacco Day (30th May)

Inter-House Competitions on Earth Day (22nd April 2019)

(Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Stamp Making,Pamphlet Making, Self Compose Poem/Jingle/Song,)


Story Telling Competition (29th April 2019)

Classes III and IV..

Poem Recitation Competition (13th May 2019)
Class – I to IV