The Scholars' Home co-educational English medium public school was founded in the year 2004 .


Affiliated to CBSE

[Affiliation No. 630111]

Health and Yoga Club

Health of young children is of paramount importance. The Health and Yoga club was setup in school so as to teach students to maintain personal and community hygiene. The major responsibility of the club is to organize all health relevant activities.

Healthy living in case of school children is the prime concern of parents and teachers. Thus the club focuses on the overall well being comprising emotional, social and mental health of a child, thereby inculcating positive and healthy outlook towards life in children.

The club also teaches the students the techniques of yoga from an early age. The world Yoga means ‘Unity’ or ‘Cleanness’. It helps the children in becoming more flexible and helps them releasing stress. It keeps the body in good shape and gives strength to the physical fitness. Thus the objective of the club is the development of whole individual.

Yoga Week ( Feb. 2,2015 to Feb. 11, 2015)

Health and Yoga Club hosted weekly Yoga classes for the students. Children are taught by a qualified trainer. These sessions begin from class V and go on till class X. For younger kids, we have basic asana, whereas children from higher classes are given breathing exercises and other postures.

Flexibility of body and mental peace are some of the key benefits of regular yoga. Yoga is accepted worldwide as one of the most effective form of exercise to influence the mental control. It helps in increasing children’s concentration levels.